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Residential Real Estate Investment Coach 

About Lance

Find your freedom through real estate.

When someone says “tell me about yourself” I have always thought that to be a question that invokes a never ending series of answers. I mean where do you start? Do you begin with the first job you ever had, do you talk about meaningful experiences, triumphs and accolades?

So let’s just start here; I am a Residential Real Estate Investment Coach who has learned some hard life lessons in business along the way which has made me uniquely qualified and well prepared to help people find their financial freedom through education and fiscal responsibility.

As a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Investment Fund Manager, and Business Owner, I have been part of thousands of transactions with a small team in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country.

But what I began to realize is that while I am making an impact in the local community that surrounds me, what if I provided others with tools, resources, and a glimpse into my day to day with hopes it will inspire them to take the leap and become an advocate of community development through property rehabilitations.

So as of 2019, I have dedicated myself to just that, thrusting into the spotlight in order to show the masses how to succeed in the foreclosure sector, an underrated and not so much discussed aspect of the real estate space that can be a pathway to generational wealth.


Middle Market Mastery


We developed MMM as a collective of like minded entrepreneurs seeking to learn and master the pre-foreclosure real estate space with a focus on investing, flipping, and acquiring properties uncoventionally through short sales.


Our Middle Market Mastery training courses are designed to provide an easy, comprehensive learning experience to a complicated subject: Real Estate Investing. Specifically, our training offers virtual and digital lessons as well as hands-on, one on one workshops to give you a deeper look at what it takes to become a successful Real Estate Investor. Our flagship course includes your opportunity to invest in a property at the end of the educational series with an assigned, seasoned, mentor.




Middle Market Mastery Offerings


Community CEO

This ultimate experience, typically a 6-month commitment includes the Foreclosure Pay Day and The Gold Standard programs, as well as provides an opportunity to be mentored by a seasoned investor to flip their first property. This is a day to day undertaking that will require partnership and a serious, dedicated mindset.




Equity Ambassador

This program focuses on a coaching format that includes the online comprehensive training program in addition to a two-day intensive workshop which features on-site teaching at an investment property where novice investors will learn the flipping game, up close and personal.




Foreclosure Pay Day 

Online comprehensive training program for entry level investors that seek to understand the fundamentals of the foreclosure sector including the residential loss mitigation cycle, sourcing and locating properties, processing short sales, and REO’s and auctions.




The Real Estate Informant Podcast


There are many choices when you want to learn about real estate; this oversaturated market provides delusions of grandeur with many not realizing what it really takes to be successful in the industry. Whether you are considering buying a home, you are a real estate agent, or want to become a real estate investor, we are all things real estate. We serve to provide an educational forum for those interested in learning how to change their communities, empowering them with the tools to create generational wealth one purchase at a time.