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Take the guesswork out of real estate investing. We help you learn and master Real Estate deal flow with a focus on the pre-foreclosure market. Investing, flipping, and acquiring properties is made simple with our proprietary software systems. Make money and make Money Work!


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You’re Only 3 Steps Away

Don’t waste one more second with online gurus who’ve never built anything. Instead, learn from someone in the trenches who started from nothing and has helped others do the same.


Access the Foreclosure Property Playbook Webinar where Lance shares his insider secrets and framework to help you create financial freedom in real estate.


Whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring investor, new to real estate, or a "recovering” wholesaler, lol. You can learn and apply these tools today.


Shorten the gap to closing your first or next deal with a Money Work Live course, where you’ll be taught, coached, and mentored by Lance.

Money Work

Master Real Estate Investing With A Results Driven Experience

Money Work $10k 30-Day Foreclosure Payday Challenge

4 WEEK Live Virtual Mentorship and Training Sessions: The ULTIMATE Learn & Earn Challenge. $10k cash prize to the WINNER.

Evening classes LIVE online one night per week, unpacking everything you will need to grasp and finally achieve a WINNING deal closing strategy—the step-by-step HOW TO get properties at 75% off WITHOUT haggling with Sellers over price.

Distressed Property/Short Sale Closer Intensive

Private In-Person Group Session. Full-Day Distressed Property/Short Sale Intensive Training. 8+ hours of in-person Real Estate coaching by Lance and his Team empowering you with every tool necessary to locate profitable off-market deals, acquire properties pre-auction, properly renovate properties, and secure deal funding to quickly flip for max profits or hold for passive income. No Fluff. No Gimmicks. No Wholesaling. Twenty years of experience and over $1 Billion in closed transactions jam-packed into the most valuable curriculum in real estate training.

Money Work Inner Circle Mastermind

For those who’ve completed one of the prerequisite courses and want to work closely with Lance, his team, and his network of professionals, the Inner Circle Mastermind is annual Mentorship at its finest. This Money Work Inner Circle Mastermind Mentorship access is invitation only – solely after successful completion of a previous course. Money Work mindsets ONLY. We are serious about your results and success. We only extend this invite if you are too!

Real Estate Success Isn’t a Mystery. It’s a Process.

Real Estate isn’t complex unless you try to do it yourself or take advice from random strangers on the internet, which can lead to:

Maybe you’re still renting and trying to figure out how to buy your first property at a discount, possibly an investor, a newbie, or our most popular client lately… a fed-up WHOLESALER looking for another way to elevate your game. We can help you create the freedom you’ve dreamed of having.

Meet Lance Smith

Your Real Estate Investment Coach

I’m Lance, and I’m unlike any other real estate coach you’ve ever met… and that’s a great thing. Here’s why: unlike most people teaching, I’ve seen and done it all inside the real estate industry, which means you’re only getting the best of the best. As you can tell, I’m just as passionate about showing you what it takes to become successful in real estate as I am passionate about guiding you the way to achieve results properly.

Whether as a licensed broker, investment fund manager, or multiple 7 figure business owner, I’ve been part of thousands of transactions with all types of properties in the most competitive real estate markets in the country. I keep my pulse on everything inside the industry, including what 99% of people don’t see…

The Real Estate Informant Podcast

You don’t need more fluff content from online gurus with zero track record and who talk a big game. Instead, you need the right content from someone who will give you the expertise and real talk to take you to the next level no matter where you are today.

Whether you’re a current or aspiring property owner, a real estate investor, a wholesaler looking to evolve your business, or simply fascinated by my winning personality and dastardly good looks, lol… The Real Estate Informant Podcast is for YOU. I’m here to help you Embrace the Power of Ownership! Tune in now and start learning.

The Real Estate Informant Podcast

Real Estate Information Podcast

Money Work

Money Work

Money Work is a collective of like-minded entrepreneurs seeking to learn and master the real estate space with an understanding that we must work to make money, but the goal is to make Money Work for us. We designed a suite of courses to provide a seamless yet comprehensive experience for a complicated subject such as real estate investing. Our focus is to take you from A through Z without wasting years of mistakes and avoidable regret from trying to do it yourself.

Inside, you’ll find virtual lessons and hands-on workshops to give you a deeper look at what it takes to become a successful Real Estate Investor. Our flagship course includes your opportunity to acquire a property at the end of an educational series and the introduction to a seasoned mentor whose role is to assist you in closing deal after deal.

Private Coaching

We work with a handful of select clients who want to roll in the trenches with Lance and his team to learn at the fastest, highest, and most hands-on level with private coaching. This program isn’t for the faint of heart, but rather, for those who are committed to creating freedom through real estate and being the pillar of wealth creation for their families, communities, and society at large. The sky’s not the limit, it’s the starting point.

Private Coaching

Lance Smith Private Coaching

The Foreclosure Playbook Webinar

Discover the Most Underrated Profit Opportunity In Real Estate

Join Our

Join me in this live training webinar where you’ll learn the exact steps to become a Short Sale Closer without cash, credit, or experience. Ideal for any investor – no matter the level of experience, wholesaler especially if you’re struggling to secure deals right now, or an aspiring property owner unable to strike a deal in the current market.

What Makes Us Different

We help you in every facet of real estate, with zero fluff and 100% real talk, including behind the scenes insights no one else will show you.

Real People. Real Deals. Real Profit.

Let’s Answer Your Questions

Our training and coaching programs are for anyone who is ready to create freedom through real estate investing. Whether you’re an aspiring property owner, a moderately active or highly active investor, a wholesaler, or even completely new to real estate…these methods will work for you if you work with them.

You’re in the right place. We’ve helped people like you without any prior experience close their first deals and make real profits. Best of all, you don’t need great credit, bundles of cash or certifications to start.

Our methods work under any economic situation, and there has never been a better time to get started than right now. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has created endless opportunities for investors who know what they’re doing. Become our next success story.

Here’s what we say: real estate investing is simple…not easy. What that means is that if you follow a proven framework and take the guesswork out of it, you’ll make fast progress. But you’ll need to show up, study, and meet us halfway.

Start by watching the Foreclosure Playbook Webinar right now (click here), where you’ll attain insider secrets to the most underrated part of real estate investing. From there, you can enroll in the Money Work 4-Week Challenge, the Short Sale Closer Intensive, or inquire about our 1-on-1 Coaching.

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