Pre-Auction Property Playbook: Teaching You How To Become A Pre-Auction Short Sale Closer

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Find Deals. Get Paid. Create Freedom.

Free Webinar: The Fastest Way To Get Paid & Become a
Pre-Auction Short Sale Closer...No Experience Required.

You’ll discover real estate’s most underrated profit opportunity, with a step-by-step framework, to help you become a pre-auction short sale closer and generate wealth…

Without any experience, credit, or Wholesaling.

IMPORTANT: This is a real training experience that is unlike what 99% of real estate coaches teach. Come ready to learn from the best in the game.

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Meet Lance Smith a.k.a. The Real Estate Informant

Lance Smith is unlike any other real estate coach you’ve ever met…and that’s a great thing! He’s done it all, including as a licensed broker, investment fund manager, and multiple 7-figure business owner who’s closed thousands of transactions in the country’s most competitive real estate markets. Today, he’s passionate about teaching individuals how to achieve financial freedom through distressed pre-foreclosures and short sales.

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What You’ll Discover Inside:

The Pre-Auction
Short Sale Property Webinar

Discover the Most Underrated Profit Opportunity In Real Estate

Join our FREE webinar to learn how to find deals, get paid, and create financial freedom with a proven framework in a sector of real estate most people ignore. No experience, credit, or wholesaling is required.

Discover The 3 Secrets To Short Sales

Secret #1

The Short Sale Gold Rush

You’ll discover why now is the best time in history to be part of Short Sales as you learn what 95% of people have no idea about. We’ll break down everything for you in a simple-to-understand format that’ll save you time, money, and energy.

Secret #2


The Pre-Foreclosure Arena

You’ll learn the exact steps of the pre-foreclosure sector and how to leverage the opportunity of distressed properties. Understanding how and why people who need help are waiting for someone like you to come around and get them out of a tough situation.

Secret #3


A Proven Framework

You don’t need to complicate real estate to find deals, get paid, and repeat the process. I’ll share the specific framework my entire team, coaches and students have used….at no charge. You’ll leave with clear cut action steps and the confidence to start.

Short Sales are the Best Way to Get Paid. Period.

We’ve done it all in the real estate industry for over two decades and there is no better way to secure distressed properties at deep discounts than short sales.

We’re about to see countless people become 6 and 7-figure earners due and we want you to become one. Whether you’re a current or future homeowner, a real estate agent, or a brand new investor – here are 5 reasons why Short Sales get you paid:

Lucrative Opportunity...

No Experience Required.

Yes, you read that right: we’ve taught this system to complete beginners to guide them on closing their first deal and walking away with $75,000 profit, then repeat the process and are now financially free.

Underrated & Undervalued.

Distressed properties tend to be ignored and misunderstood. Add in the recent pandemic and the upcoming forbearance to foreclosure crisis (don’t worry, you’ll learn this in the webinar) —Short Sales are a gold rush of opportunities.

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Even If You’re Brand New...

Little To No Competition.

Our unique system helps you avoid any competition and instead puts you in your own category where you’ll speak directly to the people who need your help. The best part is you get paid to help people in need and end up changing two lives: theirs and yours.

No Cash, Credit, Or Employment.

You don’t need any of these to get started. You don’t need degrees, certifications, licenses, or any complicated barriers to entry. What you need is a desire to learn and grow, be coachable and take action.

Available In Every Market.

This system works in every real estate market in the country. No matter what zip code, there are always distressed property deals. We’ll ensure you identify the right ones and don’t waste any time, money, or energy on what doesn’t matter.

Here’s a Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside

Real Students. Real Deals. Real Profits.

Lance Smith
Lou & Katrina M photo

Lou and Katina M.

Lance’s style of teaching is engaging, fun and you’ll definitely get what you want out of it. Lance literally pulls back the curtains and shows you the secret sauce! From A to Z.

Elia M. photo

Elia M.

Lance has really taken the time to show us exactly what we need to do to achieve not only being able to obtain these houses and make money, but how we make our money is so very different.

Shelly R. photo

Shelly R.

He’s gonna drop you gems like no one else! Way different than what I’ve been through. He teaches you stuff that you can do no matter where you are in the country. It’s phenomenal!


Day W.

I learned about residual income. And real estate was one of those vehicles to provide that residual income and then just being able, owning property all over.

A Track Record Of Results

Let’s be real: real estate ‘gurus’ are a dime a dozen and most of these overnight experts have never built real businesses. The Foreclosure Property Playbook Webinar only includes the best of what has worked in real-world business implementation.

We could easily charge for this training and it’d be worth every dollar spent, but we want to help you take the first step toward taking control of your financial destiny and create the freedom you deserve.


Years of Experience


Deals Closed


Clients Helped

1 Mission

Your Results

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Insider Secrets. Proven Frameworks. One Mission: Results.